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Peak HiFi is a well established business and was formed in 2004 as audio consultants specialising in high quality audio equipment, with a particular fondness for stereo and analogue equipment, we are particularly enthusiastic for classic turntables such as the Garrard 301 and the Garrard 401. Peak HiFi offers a select range of new and approved used equipment, accessories and services. Reconditioned Garrard 301 and 401 units are available as well as beautifully engineered plinths for these decks. We welcome you to visit us at our premises in the Peak District and to take advantage of our relaxed surroundings and two demonstration rooms where we can demonstrate all of the equipment and assist you with your selection. Please call us to fix an appointment.

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Pro-Ject Audio Debut S/E3

 Pro-Ject Audio Debut S/E3
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 Pro-Ject Audio Debut S/E3  

Awarded 5 Stars in What Hi-Fi?, September 2011,

Awarded 4 Globes in Hi-Fi World, September 2011.


The Pro-Ject Debut S/E3 is an impressive continuation of Pro-Ject's ongoing ethic of high-quality Hi-Fi at an affordable price. This takes the traditional and recognised format of the current Debut model, but innovates and improves on every aspect to make a great quality deck with fantastic sound. Note the improved supplied cartridge, larger platter, new motor set-up and glossy finish, which are just a few of the vast upgrades in this model.


• Pre-Fitted with an OM 10 Super cartridge

• Gloss Black finish (as seen on the Debut Esprit, Xpression III and others)

• Larger 12" platter for ultimate record hold

• Improved bearing set in original arm

• Improved motor with new suspension system

• Unique rounded drive belt reduces resonant forces transferring to the sub-platter

• Rear mounted junction box allowing for upgrade of turntable interconnects.



What Hi-Fi?, September 2011

Reviewed by: Andy Madden

Feature: 'First Test | Turntable'

Score: 5 Stars

Comments of Note:

"...This deck continues to set high standards."

"All this [the upgrades] sees the turntable move up a sonic level, but the well-balanced character of the original hasn't been lost."

"The S/E3 remains highly listenable, just adding an extra dose of insight and precision into proceedings."

"Pleasingly, this deck has the punch and excitement to satisfy with the likes of Nirvana as much as its refinement and resolution impress with classical music."

"It's a great alternative to the Award-winning Rega RP1."

Verdict: "The attractive and versatile Debut S/E3 is a fine buy."

Hi-Fi World, September 2011

Reviewed by: Tony Bolton

Score: 4 Globes

Comments of Note:

"I put on Air's 1998 LP 'Moon Safari'... The easy-going rhythms and gentle excursions into electronica seemed suited to the Debut SE. It trawled enough detail to satisfy the audiophile, and at the same time, retained that difficult-to-define essence of musicality which encourages the listener to play record after record."

"Overall I found it [the supplied Ortofon Super OM10] to be a very good device that complemented the Debut III S/E, and would certainly be at home in more expensive surroundings."

"Overall, a strong performance at the price, which given the small cost difference between this and standard Debut III, make the S/E model something of a bargain... Compared to a stock Debut III the sound was more solid and a bit better shaped."


Product Code: PJA_DEB_SE

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