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Alison Krauss and Union Station - So Long So Wrong

Alison Krauss and Union Station - So Long So Wrong
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Label: Mobile Fidelity
Genre: Country
Product No.:     AMOB 2276
Category: 2 x 180 Gram Vinyl Record




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Available for the first time on vinyl. This must-have two-LP set gets more addictive with every play. Call it bluegrass or call it acoustic pop. Either way, Alison Krauss and Union Station have created an incredible montage of music. As usual, it is Alison’s beautiful vocals that give it that "high, lonesome sound." There are 13 vocal songs and one instrumental on this two-record set. Krauss is the lead vocalist on eight of the songs and Union Station members share the other lead vocals. The virtuoso musicians comprising the group are Barry Bales (acoustic bass), Ron Block (banjo, guitar), Adam Steffey (mandolin), and Dan Tyminski (guitar). Of course Krauss started her career as a violinist (fiddler to the bluegrass world) and she doesn’t leave that instrument out either. Due to the resolution of the MFSL Ultra Analog Cutting System, all the acoustic instruments and voices on the record are reproduced with an exceptional sense of space and clarity.




1. So Long, So Wrong

2. No Place to Hide

3. Deeper Than Crying

4. I Can Let Go Now

5. The Road Is a Lover

6. Little Liza Jane

7. It Doesn't Matter

8. Find My Way Back to My Heart

9. I'll Remember You Love in My Prayers

10. Looking in the Eyes of Love

11. Pain of a Troubled Life

12. Happiness

13. Blue Trail of Sorrow

14. There Is a Reason



Customer Reviews (4.45 Stars) 11 person(s) rated this product.


Perfect! posted on 02/07/2012

5 Stars

Great record from one of the most musically talented bands out there. The sound you get from this record will blow you away. A true pleasure to listen to.


Voices Bright! posted on 03/25/2011

2 Stars

Reviewer: beaker

The vocals, particularly Alison's, are bright and shrilly. I give it a 2 star only because the music is good and it the instruments sound ok. For the price this should be so much better. Very disappointed.


Bluegrass Classic posted on 02/07/2011

5 Stars

Reviewer: Bruser

I previously owned this on cassette, so this is quite an upgrade for me. The vinyl has more presence and clarity in the midrange especially and just more tonal purity overall. I consider this their best recording and an indispensable part of any modern bluegrass collection.


Alison's Voice ?? posted on 08/31/2009

2 Stars

Like the other reviewers here I really like the music on this album and I agree with the sentiments regarding the "instruments in space". My problem with this record is that MOFI have not done a great job of reproducing Alison's voice. As we all know she has a sweet sounding kind of "high and lonesome" sound. This record sounds shrill (dare I say sibillant?)and not natural at all. It's a disappointment to my ears that's for sure.


Another winner posted on 07/23/2008

5 Stars

Reviewer: TJS

I have a hard time deciding which is the best AKUS album. This may be it, but then again, the others are all so good.

This pressing was fine, and I'm pretty fussy about what I play on my Linn.

If you like Ms. Krauss and the guys, you will like this LP.


The CD really sells this short posted on 03/10/2007

5 Stars

I have this on CD, having initially balked at the cost of the M-F vinyl version. Alas, there is no comparison. The vinyl is smooth, refined and highly listenable - and well worth the extra outlay. The CD sounds 'barky', high pitched and generally horrible by comparison - even via a Roksan Caspian/MF TriVista 21 which is normally fairly competent - but the alternative provided by M-F played via a Funk Firm-modified Linn LP12/Ittok/Denon DL304 puts the musicians in the listening room and brings tears to one's eyes like nothing else ever did. Magic!


Amazing posted on 10/23/2005

5 Stars

This is an amazing recording. One of the few digital recordings that actually sounds like it was recorded in analog. A must have for vinyl junkies.


Expensive LP but well worth it posted on 10/19/2005

5 Stars

The LP version averages 10 min per side and is spread over 2 discs. It seems awfully expensive until you hear it. Alison Krauss has received some great sound in her Rounder recordings but nothing as good as this, not even the SACD issues. Lush and absolutely real, just about as good as being there in person. Buy this. You will not be sorry.


Wow! posted on 05/29/2005

5 Stars

This is the best-sounding album I have ever heard. The music is great, but this is a disc to wow the friends with.


Product Code: AMOB 2276

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