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Peak HiFi is a well established business and was formed in 2004 as audio consultants specialising in high quality audio equipment, with a particular fondness for stereo and analogue equipment, we are particularly enthusiastic for classic turntables such as the Garrard 301 and the Garrard 401. Peak HiFi offers a select range of new and approved used equipment, accessories and services. Reconditioned Garrard 301 and 401 units are available as well as beautifully engineered plinths for these decks. We welcome you to visit us at our premises on the North Eastern edges of the Peak District and take advantage of our relaxed surroundings and two demonstration rooms where we can demonstrate all of the equipment and assist you with your selection. Please call us to fix an appointment.

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Martin Logan Electrostatic Loudspeakers

For those who appreciate accuracy and realism in their audio, the electrostatic transducer is the grail.

Reserve ESL Series

The MartinLogan Reserve Series consists of the world's finest electrostatic speakers.

ESL Series

The ESL Series embodies sophisticated engineering and design. Featuring patented CLS™ (Curvilinear Line Source) electrostatic (ESL) panels and other advanced MartinLogan technologies, the ESL Series effortlessly reveals every subtle nuance of recorded sound.

ElectroMotion® Series

The all new ElectroMotion™ Series features the world's most superb thin film transducer technologies—electrostatic and compact Folded Motion™. This bold loudspeaker series establishes a new benchmark for price verses performance.

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Classic ESL 9

Classic ESL 9 A masterpiece doesnt just inspire emotions. It changes the way you feel, and it sticks with...

Classic ESL 9

Electromotion ESL X

Electromotion ESL X The ElectroMotion ESL X (EM-ESL X) X features a larger electrostatic transducer and...

Electromotion ESL X

ElectroMotion Series

ElectroMotion Overview The ElectroMotion ESL (EM-ESL) represents a brave new direction for electrostatic...

ElectroMotion Series

Expression ESL 13A

Expression ESL 13A Audio is both real, and imagined. There is the fact of the sound. And there is the...

Expression ESL 13A

Impression ESL 11A

Impression ESL 11A The goal of the loudspeaker is to disappear into its audio performance. Remove the...

Impression ESL 11A

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