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Legendary Japanese masterpieces the Glanz tone arms are once again available in the UK.

Glanz is a brand that has been producing tonearm and cartridge masterpieces for many years, and has been adored by audio lovers for an equably long time. Their ultimate tonearm, constructed with the technical skill of a craftsman deeply versed in the characteristics of materials, is now able to bring you the to the pinnacle of original “pure” sound.

THE GLANZ, manufactured with strict guidelines, is the absolute front runner, able to demonstrate the true value of analogue audio. The story of its revival can now be told.

Glanz is the home of arguably the finest precision gramophone tonearms in the world. To own a Glanz product is to possess a jewel of near perfection in both performance and construction.

Glanz has over 60 years experience in high quality precision engineering. The Company's plant in Shizuoka is probably the best equipped for the manufacture of precision pick-up arms in the World. Buying a Glanz Tonearm is a lifetime's investment. Fads come and go, Glanz may be expensive, but you only need buy once.

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