High Quality Audio Equipment

Ortofon Moving Magnet


The world's oldest and most experienced cartridge manufacturer, was founded in 1918 by two Danish engineers, Axel Petersen and Arnold Poulsen. The first Moving Coil cutterhead was produced as early as 1945, and the Moving Coil principle was then further developed to enable production of, first, mono cartridges and, later, also stereo cartridges.

With a range that now spans entry level HiFi through to audiophile products and a superb range of DJ and professional cartridges Ortofon are, without doubt, the worlds largest and most dedicated manufacturer of analogue reproduction systems.

Currently investing around £500,000 per annum in R&D and new machinery, Ortofon are committed to the future of record playing and intend staying at the very forefront of the market.

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