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Garrard 301 – The Classic British Turntable

The Garrard 301 was introduced in 1954 and sold as a bare chassis without plinth, tonearm and cartridge. The Garrard 301 is one of the iconic pieces of truly great hi-fi. For anyone who has not been fortunate to listen to a 301 then are missing out on a very special experience.

Garrard stopped production of the 301 in 1965 and the 401 replaced it. Production of the 401 ceased in 1977 and in 1979 Garrard was sold to Gradiente Electronica of Brazil. The 301 was largely forgotten about until the early nineties, there was a resurgence in interest as people started partnering these decks with new rigid tone arms such as the SME V and the Rega RB300.

One of the main issues people had with the Garrard 301 was low frequency rumble if they were not set up properly in a half decent plinth. There are conflicting opinions as to whether isolation or mass should be employed as a plinth design solution. Peak HiFi sell and recommend the SMD Acoustics range of plinths which provide the benefits of both mass and isolation and although extremely heavy – the noise floor is silent there is no rumble to be heard.

Peak HiFi always have a number of Garrard 301 turntables on demonstration and for sale. We generally have a selection of original condition and some fine restored examples.

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