High Quality Audio Equipment


Roksan Audio: 'Technology Driven By Emotions'

From their beginnings in 1985 to the modern day, Roksan has always been associated with high-end hi-fi. The iconic Xerxes turntable was their first product, and since then a full range of quality turntables and electronics have been released from their UK-based headquarters and manufacturing plant.

Consistently producing award-winning equipment, the Kandy K2 and Caspian M2 Series ranges of Amplifiers and CD Players are perhaps their most recognisable current models, but everything Roksan produce is firmly associated with prestige, quality and excellent sound performance. 2012 has also seen the release of a new flagship from Roksan; Oxygene represents the ultimate in audio performance, as well as a keen devotion to ultra-modern styling and future-proof technologies.

Now, as a sign of ongoing support to their customers, Roksan also offer a five year warranty on all their electronics and turntables.

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