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New Demo Set Up at Peak HiFi


New Demo Set Up at Peak HiFi

We have set up another dedicated vinyl front end on permanent demonstration at Peak HiFi.

The turntable is the Classic Turntable Company Reference 301 with an Ortofon TA210 12" pick up arm and an Ortofon SPU Classic GM E MkII cartridge in the SMD Acoustics Type II Reference plinth. The arm board shown is a special cut for two arms, the Ortofon and the 9" SME, normally we supply cut only for your arm of choice.

The amplification is all Sugden and the front end can be demonstrated with the Masterclass PA4 Phono Stage or the stage 2 phono stage. The LA4 Pre-amp and the SPA4 Power amp or the A21SE Integrated.

For those who want to hear a digital source we have the Sugden Masterclass PDT4 CD player. All interconnects are Siltech.

These can be auditioned with our in house demonstration speakers from PMC such as the Fact 8 or Fact 3's or the fantastic 20 series from the 2022's to the 2024's. Feel free to arrange to fetch your own speakers or equipment to try.

As ever part exchange welcome.

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