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SMD Acoustics Introduce New Entry Level Plinth


SMD Acoustics Introduce New Entry Level Plinth

A new entry level plinth has been released by SMD Acoustics to compliment the Garrard 301, 401 or Thorens TD124.

Identical in size to the mid range LE Plus and the flagship Reference Plinth the new LE Standard is manufactured from CNC machine cut HDF for accuracy and then veneered on all faces using real wood veneer finally it is finished off with an attractive satin varnish for a durable finish.

The plinth comes complete with a blank veneered armboard so it can be cut to suit your tonearm (we can also cut if required). The pillars are the LE pillars as supplied on the LE Plus.

An optional dust cover and hinges are available and all components are interchangeable with other plinths in the range.

A large choice of real wood veneer finishes available.

Full details will be posted on our site shortly but if you require any information please do not hesitate to contact us.

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