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Re-inventing the Wheel


Re-inventing the Wheel

The SMD Acoustics V2.0 Turntable is now in production after 3 years of development. It utilises an idler drive system which was found in classic decks from the 1950's such as the Garrard 301.

For those that have not heard an Idler Drive turntables they have a sound that is unequaled by belt drives, the bass is rock solid and deep and the ability of the deck to keep a grip of the music need to be heard to be believed.

The new SMD V2.0 turntable improves on the designs of yesteryear by utilising the latest CNC technologies for accuracy and high quality materials. The two piece plinth is designed to reduce noise from mechanical components being transmitted into the replay system thus creating amazing clarity and depth of image.

Maxon of Switzerland worked with SMD Acoustics to produce a non cogging DC motor for the deck which runs from a separate power supply for with servo technology for precise control of the speed.

The Engineering magzine Eureka has just published an article on the deck see link http://www.eurekamagazine.co.uk/design-engineering-features/technology/new-spin-on-perfect-sound/109665/#.VkHmhoxUop5.facebook

A review in HiFi World will also be published soon.

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