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Quadral Chromium 8 Stability Upgrade


Quadral Chromium 8 Stability Upgrade

We have sold many pairs of Chromium 8’s and it is a superb loudspeaker and that's not only our opinion its won HiFi Worlds Best Loudspeaker in the 2017 Awards.

The only slight issue reported by our customers is the poor stability of the speaker, this upgrade solves that issue. The upgrade is a set of anodised brushed aluminium outriggers with fully adjustable stainless steel spikes. (spike cups are not included)

Not only does the upgrade solve the stability issues, it looks fantastic and providing a more stable platform it really allows the speaker to perform to its full potential, bass is tighter, the imaging is more three dimensional all in all you haven’t heard what the Chromium 8’s can do until you have heard this upgrade.

All you need to install the upgrade is a screwdriver! It is fully reversible but the only reason you’d ever want to reverse this upgrade is to ship them in the original boxes.

We are having a limited quantity made at £249 for a set of outriggers (a set is for 2 loudspeakers).

If you would like to pre order a pair please let me know as soon as possible.

More pictures: http://www.peakhifi.co.uk/cgi-bin/ecom.cgi?Command=ShowProduct&db_pid=1009

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