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Information for Audio Desk Systeme Owners


Information for Audio Desk Systeme Owners

If you are one of the lucky ones that owns an Audio Desk Systeme Record Cleaning Machine then you have probably the best and most effective cleaner money can buy.

Do you change your fluid, filters and microfibre cleaning barrels at the recommended intervals?

If so great but if not maybe you should take a closer look at this picture, this is our machine at Peak HiFi and the fluid has been used to clean approximately 100 records, the barrels and filter for around 200. As you can see the fluid is filthy and so is the filter, the barrels may be OK for another 200 cleans.

What we find surprising is how few owners seem to do this at the recommended intervals. We have sold many machines but only a handful of customers come back for the fluid, filters and barrels.

If you don't follow the recommended intervals then at best the efficiency of your cleaning operation drops off at worst you risk damaging your vinyl.

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