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Peak HiFi Appointed VTL Main Dealer


Peak HiFi Appointed VTL Main Dealer

Peak HiFi are proud to be appointed as dealers of the stunning range of VTL amplifiers from the USA.

VTL products are distributed through a network of factory trained professional dealers, who can demonstrate the extraordinary musical reality of these products, provide complete installation of your system and assist you in maintaining performance of your VTL components for a lifetime of music enjoyment. VTL owners need never be concerned with the complexities of adjustment, as all of our components are designed to operate trouble-free after the initial professional installation, to ensure the listener relaxed pleasure for years. Our confidence in our product allows us to provide a long warranty on all of our products.

VTL cosmetics are designed to cater to the tastes of many different users: Those who wish to see the tubes inside alive and glowing can see them through the slots in the front panel, and those who want the tubes safely behind the bars and inside a cage will find the amplifier safely enclosed, with sufficient safety protection to comply with the toughest consumer product safety specifications in the world. The option for those who want the tubes out in the open is to simply remove the front panel and cage by removing a few bolts, and the amplifier can be operated safely completely in the open, where the sub-chassis protects and encloses all the circuitry.

VTL's devotion to music, the flexibility of a company structured to meet your needs, and the discipline and capacity to bring the best technology of the past to new levels of performance in the present and into the future - these are your guarantee of solid, reliable, timeless components that you can enjoy and rely upon for generations to come. Come, experience the passion, with music so alive that it touches your soul.


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