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BREAKING NEWS! SME Exit Tonearm Retail Market


BREAKING NEWS! SME Exit Tonearm Retail Market

We have just listed for sale all our New Ex Dem SME Tonearms and these will now be extremely sought after as SME have this morning made the following announcement:-

"SME will exit the tonearm retail and OEM business with immediate effect shifting our focus on our core turntable and tonearm combination business. The decision to leave the tonearm business was not taken lightly, especially as we have played a key role in the design and development of the world’s best tonearms. The growth of our turntable business and commitment to higher production levels means that we cannot continue both streams.

SME has designed, engineered and manufactured tonearms for retail and OEM sales since 1959 and achieved international recognition as makers of the best pick-up arms in the world. This tradition of tonearm
manufacturing will continue with the manufacture of our highly accredited tonearms for the purpose of coupling with our comprehensive range of high-end precision turntables in which SME will be expanding in 2020.

Whilst no new orders for individual tonearms will be accepted from the issue date of this product announcement, all obligations of warranty will be honoured. Factory service and spare parts support for tonearm owners will continue. "

Grab an SME tonearm whilst we have some very limited stock.

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