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Used Sugden SPA-4


Used Sugden SPA-4

We are often asked by customers to let them know if we come across any part exchange or ex demonstration Sugden equipment for sale and we thought the fairest way would be to send out a new letter.

We have just taken in part exchange an immaculate SPA-4 that we originally supplied to a very good customer a few years ago who has now upgraded to the ultimate Sugden amplification....a pair of the flagship MPA-4 mono blocks.

The SPA-4 is an amazing class A stereo power amplifier and well worth a listen if you are in the market for a high end British amplifier.

If you are lucky enough to already own a Sugden SPA-4 then this presents you with a significant but very affordable upgrade, by adding a second SPA-4 and bi-amping. (providing your speakers have 2 sets of binding posts and removable jumpers). If you need any advice just drop us a line.

See our USED AND EX DEMONSTRATION listings for more details.

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