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78RPM Speed Box Pulley

  • £15.00
  • Product Code: 78RPM Speed Box Pulley

 78RPM Speed Box Pulley

The 78RPM pulley has been designed for Pro-Ject turntables which can rotate at 78RPM when combined with the Pro-Ject Speedbox.

The 78RPM pulley will allow playback of 78RPM records on Pro-Ject’s various speedbox-compliant turntables, whilst also allowing playback at 33.3 and 45 RPM. The Pulley is designed to replace the stock pulley supplied with your turntable and is fitted into place by a simple grub screw.


The following models will not work with any Speed Box...

  • Essential (all models)
  • RPM 1 Genie (all models)
  • Debut III E
  • 1 Xpression Carbon
  • Xperience (all models including Basic+, 2Pack, VPack and Super Pack)
  • 6 Perspex
  • RPM 9 (all models)
  • RPM 10 (all models)

For more on playing 78RPM records on Pro-Ject turntables, click here.

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