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VTA Arm Adjuster 2

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VTA Adjuster 2

The Michell VTA adjuster 2 allows you to easily adjust the height of your tonearm, so it is perfectly level no matter what cartridge you choose to use. Correctly setting the vertical tracking angle (VTA) and subsequently the stylus rake angle (SRA) for your cartridge, allows the stylus to perfectly track the vinyl groove, optimising the amount of detail extracted from the recording.

**Please note** The VTA/SRA adjuster’s base is 2mm thick and once installed and set to its lowest position, the adjuster will raise your tonearm by 2mm. If you are using the adjuster with a Michell Engineering Gyro or Orbe model turntable then please fit the shorter 10mm arm plate spacers supplied, to compensate for the added height of the adjuster. If you wish to use the adjuster on a turntable where the arm plate/board cannot be lowered, then please note that your tonearm will be 2mm higher before any adjustment has taken place.


*compatible with Rega tonearms and derivatives using the original three point fixing base, such as the RB202, RB303*


Important Notes:

We will not export outside the UK so please don't ask.

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