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Ortofon SPU #1E

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Ortofon SPU #1E



No other company has ever retained a phono cartridge model in their product range for so many years. The SPU was used by early broadcasting companies among whom the Ortofon brand name was already well known from the first moving coil system - the Ortofon mono system in the small black A-housing. The so-called “Ortofon sound“ became synonymous with the sound from the SPU, at an early stage.

The SPU #1 E is a Moving Coil cartridge with an 8/18 µm elliptical stylus profile.

The SPU series embodies the essence of the original Moving Coils and are a perfect solution for the playback of both early and modern and contemporary stereo recordings.

For moderate and high mass tonearms with SME connections.

Key Features:

Excellent price-to-performance ratio

Perfect all-rounder for the newcomers to the world of SPU

High Purity Copper armature windings and terminal leads

Grinded wood and resin composite housing

Elliptical stylus profile

Special Order

This item is special order only and we can supply in approximately 3 weeks from order placement.

Technical data

Output Voltage at 1 kHz, 5cm/sec.: 0.18mV

Channel Balance at 1 kHz: 1.5dB

Channel Separation at 1 kHz: 20dB

Channel Separation at 15 kHz: 10dB

Frequency Response: 20Hz - 20kHz (±3dB)

Recommended Loads Resistance: Phono MC/>10Ω

Internal Impedance, DC Resistance: 2Ω

Tracking Ability (at 315Hz): 65μm

Compliance, Dynamic, Lateral: 10μm/mN

Tracking Force: 4g (40mN)

Tracking Angle: 20°

Stylus Type: Elliptical (r/R 8/18μm)

Cartridge Body Material: Ground Wood & Resin Composite

Cartridge Colour: Shiny Black

Cartridge Weight: 30g

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