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Peak HiFi is a well established business and was formed in 2004 as audio consultants specialising in high quality audio equipment, with a particular fondness for stereo and analogue equipment, we are particularly enthusiastic for classic turntables such as the Garrard 301 and the Garrard 401. Peak HiFi offers a select range of new and approved used equipment, accessories and services. Reconditioned Garrard 301 and 401 units are available as well as beautifully engineered plinths for these decks. We welcome you to visit us at our premises in the Peak District and to take advantage of our relaxed surroundings and two demonstration rooms where we can demonstrate all of the equipment and assist you with your selection. Please call us to fix an appointment.

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Belles MB500 Mono Blocks

Belles MB500 Mono Blocks
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Dave Belles passion for pushing the boundaries of amplifier design has reached new heights with the introduction of MB500 monobloc amplifiers. Producing such exemplary performance from a solid state amplifier does not come easy. Many years of refining, rigorous testing and outright tenacity has paid off with aplomb. Listening to the Belles MB500 will tell you, that Dave Belles has created some very special indeed.

The construction of the Belles MB500 aids in providing a rigid structure to eliminate mechanical feedback vibrations. For example, the top and bottom covers are 6mm thick machined aluminium, the side panels are 9mm thick aluminium, and the front panel is 24mm aluminium. The enclosure is decoupled from its mounting surface with four custom Black Ravioli feet.

Gold-plated Oxygen Free Copper (OFC) binding posts and input jacks. Silver-plated Van Den Hul internal hook-up wire maintains the purity of the entire circuit path. Power is supplied via a massive bespoke toroidal power transformer. The class AB amplification circuit uses a complimentary circuit topology to ensure perfect symmetry and performance from the positive and negative signal throughout the unit. The input stage uses a complimentary differential amp input stage. The output stage uses 16 power mosfet transistors of the highest quality and specifications, capable of driving a wide variety of speaker loads. Unit distortion is virtually immeasurable.

Belles MB500's are very simple to put into words, "supremely effortless musicality" with an astonishing ability to captivate the listner for countless hours with utter true to life realism. From the most delicate special stringed nuance or electrifying guitar solo, to the mightiest orchestral crescendo. Belles MB500's are without equal in reproducing the 'true event' as it was captured in time. Performance of these amplifiers is nothing short of breath taking. One of the very select few audio components in the world that can convincing suspend belief!

Belles MB500 Mono Specifications:

  • Inputs: Xlr / Rca
  • Damping factor: > 5000
  • Input imped: 100K Ohms
  • Output current < 100 Amps
  • Hum and noise >100dB A weighted
  • Frequency response 0.2 Hz to 200KHz +/- 3dB
  • Rated power: 500Wrms @ 8 Ohms
  • Rated power: 900Wrms @ 4 Ohms
  • Distortion: less than .005% THD and IM
  • Size: 432mm W x 330mm x D 290mm H
  • Weight: 36Kg
Note: Price is per pair. Please enquire for actual lead time.

Product Code: Belles MB500 Mono Blocks

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Belles MB500 Mono Blocks Belles MB500 Mono Blocks Belles MB500 Mono Blocks

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