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e.One DAC2.7

  • £2400.00
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  • Product Code: e.One DAC2.7


Incredible audio performance, features, and flexibility, the DAC2.7 provides 124dB dynamic range and a 24 bit volume control with a sound that is musically open, detailed, and natural.

  • Class Leading 124dB Dynamic Range
  • 24 Bit Volume Control
  • 24/192 Asynchronous USB2.0
  • Analog Input
  • 5 Asynchronous Digital Inputs
  • High Current Headphone Output Driver
  • Remote Control
  • Available in Black or Silver Faceplate
  • MAC USB 2.0 compatibility and custom Windows USB 2.0 driver

“This is possibly the best of the solid state DACs I have listened to at its price (and some more). It has tonal accuracy, a great quality preamp, strong resolution, clarity of sound and good flow to the music. As a standalone DAC, it is phenomenal…”

Hi-Fi Today, January 2016



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