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e1X Dac/Control Preamp

  • £6100.00

Bel Canto e1X Dac/Control Preamp

The new e1X DAC/Control Preamp, based around our High Dynamic Resolution HDR-II core and high-speed Asynchronous Multi-Input Processor (AMiP) platform is our most versatile DAC preamplifier. Stream music through Ethernet or USB, a full suite of digital inputs, line level inputs, sub output and MM/MC software controlledanalog phono stage.

Features include software controlled Trim, Bass EQ, and subwoofer filter management. Roon Ready or DLNA control with Bel Canto SEEK iOS APP to

  • Maximum Data Input Rates : 24bit Data to 192ks/s: AES, SPDIF,
  • TOSLINK 24bit Data to 192ks/s, MQA, and DSD64: 10/100
  • Ethernet 24bits to 384ks/s, MQA, and DSD64/128 (DoP):
  • USB2 Audio
  • Headphone: 4.5Vrms maximum, 32ohm minimum load
  • MM/MC Input Sensitivity: MM: 2.5mV to 5mV; MC:
  • 0.25mV to 0.5mVInput Load : MM: 47K ohms; MC: 50,
  • 100, 500, 1000
  • RIAA Accuracy : +/- 0.25dB, 50Hz-15kHz
  • SNR : >70dB A-Weighted
  • Dynamic Range : 126dB A-weighted
  • THD+N : <0.001% 1kHz
  • IMD (CCIF) : <0.001%,18.5:19.5kHz 1:1
  • Stream Tidal/MQA, Qobuz or your personal library.

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