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SMD Acoustics VERITAS 1B

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The SMD Acoustics VERITAS 1B has taken over two years of painstaking research and development in order to meet the design criteria…….. to produce a belt drive  that could achieve close to or better the performance of a direct drive/idler drive turntable in terms of pitch stability, bass solidity and imaging but with the additional benefit of the belt drive silence that is not always evident in the in records grooves of quieter passages of music on an idler drive .

In terms of Pitch stability the VERITAS is a class leader with a combined  Dynamic W&F DIN IEC 386 (formerly DIN 45507)  of 0.06% Filtered at 0.55Hz or 0.07% unfiltered.                

The VERITAS has a massive 10Kg  two-piece stainless steel platter.  The two-piece design cancels platter ring, which is prevalent in one-piece designs. This is then driven a very high specification Swiss  DC motor and by bespoke SMD Acoustics dual round belts and. The motor has a small drive diameter that is shrunk fitted to the motor shaft for absolute concentricity. The small drive pulley diameter allows the motor to operate at a higher RPM thus optimising motor performance.

The VERITAS  employs the same highly regarded bearing and spindle as it sibling the SMD Acoustics V2.0

Proudly Made in Sheffield

The images show the VERITAS with  the Glanz MH94S Tone arm and Ortofon Cadenza Bronze cartridge these are not included in the price.

As the V2.0.  Every component used in the VERITAS has been painstaking designed from scratch, and then machined in the UK [The VERITAS uses a DC Swiss motor]

The external DC power supply is housed in an attractive non magnetic housing . 33 1/3 and 45rpm is selected by a rotary control on the front and fine tuning of speed is possible via internal pots.

The plinth is a two piece plinth CNC machined from Slate designed to minimise resonance and ring within the turntable.


Speed accuracy:  Adjustable

Dynamic W&F: DIN IEC 386 (formerly DIN 45507) 0.06% Filtered at 0.55Hz or 0.07% unfiltered.

Suspension/Decoupling: Four point Sorbothane® decoupling system which eliminates room vibrations. Stainless Steel support pillars with adjustable feet house the decoupling system.

Bearing assembly: Tool steel hardened spindle is an "Oilite" bushed stainless steel housing riding on a precision phosphor bronze pad.

Motor drive electronics and drive: DC motor with an dual belt drive system and a regulated DC control power supply. Motor decoupled from chassis with Sorbothane®.

Platter: A two piece Stainless Steel platter circa 10 Kg mass.

Mat: 3mm thick felt mat

Chassis: Two piece skeletal CNC machined from slate.

Armboard: Supplied with an intercahneable armboard machined from Stainless Steel to suit most 9 and 10 inch arm.

Turntable Dimensions: 469mm x  360mm x 180mm (WxDxH excluding arm)

Turntable Weight: 34 Kgs (excluding packaging)

Power Supply Dimensions: 200mm x 200mm x 95mm (WxDxH)

Power Supply Weight: 2.2 Kgs


These are bespoke products built to order and current lead time is approximately 12 weeks dependant of your specification.

Prices include UK VAT at 20%.

up to 12 months interest free credit

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