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Roy Li's System

Peak HiFi recently supplied a bespoke SMD Acoustics Reference plinth and a refurbished Garrard 301 with upgraded SMD Acoustics Brass bearing to Roy Li in Hong Kong.

SMD Acoustics worked with Roy on several design options and finally came up with the one pictured designed to accommodate the massive Kuzma 4-point 14 inch tone arm arm and 12 inch Schick. This is one of the largest and heaviest plinths ever produced by SMD Acoustics.

When asked about the rest of his system Roy very modestly says:-

"My system is not the best. But I enjoy the sound quality especially now with the 301 playing with vinyl music."

Roy's system is rather special and comprises of: 

  • Garrard 301, Kuzma 4-point 14 inch + ZYX Ultimate 100 MC, Schick 12 inch + Ortofon SPU Royal G MkII MC,
  • Audio Technica AT-1000T MC Step-up transformer, Lounge LCR phono,
  • 5687 tube preamp, 300B power amp (custom made),
  • Esoteric K-03Xs SACD/CD, PS Audio P10 Power Plant,
  • Tannoy ST200 SuperTweeter, Tannoy Turnberry GR Limited Edition.

The 300B power amp is custom made by a friend of Roys who is experienced in tube amp design. Take a look at this layout and soldering, all very neat.



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