High Quality Audio Equipment

Liam's Stunning Looking Technics

A first for us a Peak HiFi was to recently supply a customer with an Ortofon TA-110 tonearm for fitting to a Technics SL-1210 MK2.

To be honest we really couldn’t visualise how this traditional looking tonearm would look on the Technics but when Liam sent us a photograph we were in no doubt it worked visually…….very impressed….the custom paint job on the Technics Liam did also works very well in our opinion. 

The rest of the system Liam describes as somewhat idiosyncratic.

The phono pre-amp is a Music First Classic 632 and the cartridge is the Clearaudio.

NVA amplification. A P50SA MK2 passive pre and two A80 monos and the speakers are Larsen Model 4 semi omni's.

On the digital side, Liam streams from his network drives using a Raspberry Pi 4 running Volumio and a SMSL 300Mk2 DAC.



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