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The cabinet volume and drive unit size are slightly larger than the 11L to produce a wider frequency response in the bass region. A 6.5" KEVLAR bass/mid driver replaces the 5" unit. Quad speakers use bass unit diaphragms formed from ultra-strong, but lightweight KEVLAR fibres. These are then lattice woven to further improve strength and also improves resonance control. The fibres are resin impregnated and baked to produce the appropriate cone stiffness, strength and weight properties. Finally, the cone is mounted onto a specially developed butyl rubber surround. The voice coils are painstakingly hand wound to the aluminium former ensuring the drivers have excellent linearity and consistency.

In most other respects, they are similar to the 11L. Elegant and simple, the uncluttered design has a remarkable dynamic range for such a small speaker - a consequence of the accuracy and speed of the long-throw driver under pressure.

The gold-plated terminals offer the facility of bi-wiring. Even if your amplifier has only one set of loudspeaker terminals, significant sonic advantages can be gained by using a good quality bi-wire cable, linking them at the amplifier end, but separating them at the loudspeaker end. This reduces the intermodulation effects and improves the 'openness' and clarity of the speaker still further.

The lustrous piano finish is applied to each speaker by hand over a period of seven days, each of which involves applying a coat of lacquer which must then dry at an ambient temperature before being cut and polished. The final coat is polished to a high gloss finish to produce one of the finest finishes seen on any loudspeaker in this class.

Finish: Birds Eye Maple

Note: We do not have the original boxes but they will be carefully packed for safe shipping.  

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