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SMD Acoustics V2.0 Idler Drive Ex Dem (The one that was reviewed in HiFi World)

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SMD Acoustics V2.0 Idler Drive Ex Dem (The one that was reviewed in HiFi World)

For sale is our ex demonstration (Excellent Condition) SMD Acoustics V2.0 Turntable....this is serial No A003 the actual unit that Noel Keywood of HiFi World Reviewed in April 2016 awarding it the maximum 5 Globes.

HiFi World April 2016 Highlights

"superb bearing that is likely better than all others" (from Noel Keywoods Welcome)

"one of the most stable rotational performances I have seen"

"It is beautifully built, solid and every bit a successor to the 401"

"It has also overcome the weaknesses of the 401, offering less colouration and more air and space in the stereo soundstage"

"OUTSTANDING - amongst the best"

 Noel Keywood - HiFi World April 2016

 Read the full review by clicking on the downloads tab 

Unit A003 has been retrofitted with the latest improved idler disengaging device which was developed after discussions with Noel Keywood.

NOTE THE SME V and Cadenza Bronze are not included. It comes with a nine inch SME fit arm board but we can quote for a new arm board for most tonearms.


Inspired by the great idler drive (ID) turntables of yesteryear such as the Garrard 301/401s and Thorens TD124's, SMD Acoustics spent 3 years in the development and manufacture of an all-new ID turntable – the V2.0. Every component painstaking designed from scratch, and then machined in the UK [with a Swiss precision motor].

Drive System

SMD Acoustics is one of only a tiny number of manufacturers in the world producing totally brand new ID turntables. ID turntables are notoriously expensive to produce, and so were only commercially viable in the days when there was a very large market – now, despite the known advantages of the ID, the vast majority of new turntables being offered are the relatively simple (and easier to produce) belt drive design.

There are three main drive systems that have been employed over the years: belt drive, ID and direct drive. Each has its own strengths and weaknesses, and so each design must inevitably be a compromise. However, at SMD Acoustics they believe that of the three, the advantages of the ID outweigh its weaknesses significantly more than the other two designs.

 If you have heard an ID turntable you will already know all about the characteristic sound they produce: the incredible bass control and extension, the grip of the music and the superb timing that only an idler drive can truly achieve.

To deliver the very best of these inherent qualities, the V2.0 idler wheel is precision ground to ensure concentricity of just a few microns, and is housed in a CNC-machined idler body with high quality bushes which ensure smooth and ultra-silent rotation.

DC Motor & Power Supply

The V2.0 features a high-torque ironless rotor design using rare earth magnets , the motor has no magnetic cogging torque a high linearity ensuring giving a totally smooth servo drive , this Swiss made DC motor from Maxon has been developed and custom manufactured specially for SMD Acoustics. The motor is housed in the lower chassis decoupled from the upper chassis and platter with energy absorbing Sorbothane®. Electrical connection to the motor is via a high-grade DC jack plug.

The motor is driven by the all new SMD Acoustics Power Supply which incorporates a full velocity servo amplifier , which incorporates feedback system using an adaptive IxR feed back from the motor , speed is compensated for minute changes in load & temperature.

The servo controller’s feedback loop is also matched to the motor characteristics to ensure accurate speed control this cutting-edge servo drive circuitry ensures the speed locks-on exactly to either 33 1/3 or 45 rpm.

This is one of the areas that the latest technology coupled with the superior ID design really produces significant results. The power supply servo drive samples the back EMF from the DC motor several thousands of times a second, and so, should any speed adjustment be necessary, it is made instantly thus ensuring absolute accuracy and stability in pitch.

The ability of the servo/ID combination to deliver controlled small instantaneous speed adjustments produces a major advantage over the belt drive, where any speed adjustment would cause the elastic drive band to stretch and subsequently contract when the "braking" effect was released thus blurring the sound output.

The V2.0 sound is rock solid and stable, resulting in incredible control of timing, great imaging and separation of individual performers along with a deep, coherent bass response.

Platter, Bearing Housing and Spindle

The standard platter is machined from solid aluminium and weights 2.9 Kgs. It rides on a precision made tool steel spindle and a bearing housing is machined from 303 Grade Stainless Steel.

The bearing is fitted with two "Oilite" bushes that are precision honed for the ultimate close running fit to ensure zero play and absolute minimal bearing noise.

Only "Oilite" bushes are suitable for such a close running fit because there is so little space between the bushes and the spindle it would normally be very difficult for oil to penetrate, but the "Oilite" bush is porous like a sponge so it absorbs oil thus ensuring constant lubrication between bush and spindle.

The bearing features an O ring seal at the bottom meaning no oil leakage and an oil delivery system within the bearing ensures oil is delivered equally to both the bushes.

The spindle is manufactured from high carbon, high chromium tool steel which offers superb wear resistance and toughness. After the spindle is CNC machined it is vacuum hardened to HRC 55 - 60, then precision ground to a tolerance of +0 - 2.5 microns. (this is well beyond the spec required for aerospace components as we discovered when trying identify a suitable manufacturer!). The spindle runs on a precision phosphor bronze ball in a Nylatron bearing cup to ensure quiet smooth running.


The material used for any platter mat is most important. The energy created by the stylus is reflected from the mat once it has passed through the record; this ‘out-of-phase’ reflection is again picked up by the stylus thus adversely ‘colouring’ the sound – a good mat design minimises this problem. The SMD Acoustics acrylic mat behaves like an extension of the record and allows the energy to pass through the mat (unlike say a rubber mat that would reflect it straight back once it hit the mat) to the platter where it is then reflected and then largely absorbed by the mat on its return thus markedly reducing the amount of undesirable reflected energy at the stylus.

Arm Choice

The standard arm board has an SME cut-out, but virtually any 9 or 10 inch or eve some 12 inch arms can be accommodated. Please contact us for details about the suitability of your arm. The arm board is machined from 303 Grade stainless steel and is removable for changes of arm etc.


The V2.0 is machined in the UK from a combination of solid aluminium and stainless steel.

The platter is a one-piece design machined from solid aluminium.

Pillars, feet and arm board are stainless steel.

Measured Performance

Speed accuracy adjustable

Speed range -6% to +10%

Wow 0.08%

Flutter 0.05%

Total W&F weighted 0.06%

SMD Acoustics V2.0 Idler Drive Ex Dem (The one that was reviewed in HiFi World)
SMD Acoustics V2.0 Idler Drive Ex Dem (The one that was reviewed in HiFi World)
SMD Acoustics V2.0 Idler Drive Ex Dem (The one that was reviewed in HiFi World)
SMD Acoustics V2.0 Idler Drive Ex Dem (The one that was reviewed in HiFi World)
SMD Acoustics V2.0 Idler Drive Ex Dem (The one that was reviewed in HiFi World)
SMD Acoustics V2.0 Idler Drive Ex Dem (The one that was reviewed in HiFi World)
SMD Acoustics V2.0 Idler Drive Ex Dem (The one that was reviewed in HiFi World)

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