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Helios Mains Cable

  • £225.00
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The brand new Helios cable is the very first Titan Audio product which is compatible with our proprietary new FORCEFIELD technology (patent pending) which will offer shielding ability which has never been seen before in any industry. The uniquely designed technology has been added to our new cables after years of R&D to bring this truly revolutionary technology to market.


The Helios cable comes with our unique FORCEFIELD technology connectors, which allows customers to add the FORCEFIELD technology module at a later date, or as an optional extra when purchasing the cable.

Again offered in a 1.5metre length the Helios is designed to be used with source components however it has significant current delivery and improves on the sound of the less expensive Nyx models. Again using a high purity OFC copper cable with a braided steel screen, the UK version uses a cyrogenically treated 13 amp plug with an upgraded bussman fuse as well as a high quality copper wattgate IEC connector which is also cyrorgenically treated. The Shuko and US versions use a high quality gold plated mains plug.


  • Description 3 core 2.5mm OFC copper cable
  • Material OFC ( oxygen free copper)
  • Construction Multicore dual drain
  • Dieletic Extruded PVC (heavy duty)
  • Screen Braided steel screen + Forcefield technology
  • Sheath colour Blue/black
  • Capacitance
  • Inductance
  • Resistance
  • Outside Diameter
  • Current Capacity 20 AMP

Description                 3 core 0.75 mm OFC copper with
Material                     OFC ( Oxygen Free Copper)
Construction             Multicore Dual Drain
Dielectric                   Extruded PVC (heavy duty)
Screen                       Braided Steel Screen
Sheath Colour           Orange/Black
Capacitance               TBA
Inductance                 TBA
Resistance                 TBA
Outside Diameter     TBA
Current Capacity       6 AMP

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