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Solstice Phono Stage

  • £2975.00
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Solstice Phono Stage

Our Solstice Phono Stage shares many features with our flagship Equinox model and offers superb performance at a more affordable price point.

Although it foregoes some of the component selection and matching of its bigger sibling it does add a superb Moving Magnet input whilst keeping a very similar circuit architecture for the Moving Coil input.

Optimal MM and MC Configuration

Solstice uses separate PCBs for each type of phono input.

The MC input share a very similar topology as the Equinox with a balanced input. The MM input is single ended but uses the same low noise devices as the MC stage.

Balanced Inputs

The balanced inputs use two ultra-low noise devices in series to provide wide bandwidth and exceptionally low distortion. This also results in a noise floor far below that of even the quietest vinyl.

As part of our no-compromise approach we hand measure individual components and match these to get the best common mode rejection to eliminate hum.

Easy Access Cartridge Loading

The two input stages of the Solstice Phono Stage are equipped with switched loading and gain adjustments.

The physical circuit configuration of these is optimised to minimise the effects of adding them which precludes making them accessible from the rear panel.

The optimised positioning places them directly between the input connectors and first amplifier stage.

To conveniently access these, we have added a magnetically latched plate in the top cover of the amplifier.

Passive RIAA Filter

 The passive RIAA filter used in the Solstice is identical to the one in the Equinox and the components are also hand measured and matched so that the frequency response of each channel is identical.

Note: Handbuilt to order please allow 2 - 4 weeks.

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