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KUZMA 4Point 9 Tone Arm

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  • Product Code: KUZMA 4Point 9 Tone Arm

KUZMA 4Point 9 Tone Arm

4Point 9  is shorter version of 4Point tonearm. Due its 9 inch  lenght and lack of VTA tower  makes this tonearm lighter and smaller thus capable of  fitting on most suspended turntables.

All 4P9 has sapphire/ruby cup bearings  fitted  since its introduction and  all 4P11 and 4P14 since July 1st 2018.

Technical Data 


Effective lenght 229 mm

Arm mount distance 212 mm

Spindle to pivot distance 212 mm

Bearing type 4 points (sapphire-transparent / ruby-red cups / steel pivots-see modification note for 4P11 or 4P14)

Effective mass 13 g

Total mass 920 g

Offset angle 23 deg

VTA adjustment Yes

Azimuth Worm drive

Tube Conical

Bias Yes

Max cartridge mass 35 g

Damping No

Detachable headshell Yes ( three dots)

Arm mount Kuzma

Standard wiring Silver

Accessories Yes

Optional wiring Yes

Optional connectors XLR,5 Pin

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