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Origin Live Encounter Tonearm Mk4

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The Encounter arm introduces dual-pivot bearings to the Origin Live tonearm range. Dual Pivot bearings decouple the arm from its environment in a far more competent way than conventional bearings. The result is similar to Uni-pivot arms in terms of a natural fluid-like quality to the sound. However, this comes without the drawbacks of Uni-pivot arms – namely the fiddly setup, wobbly cueing and decrease in bass performance.

Dual Pivot bearings have the advantage of very low friction which helps give the encounter greater transparency and musicality than the Zephyr arm, allowing you to hear previously unnoticed details in your music. It’s also fast and enables musical rhythms to keep in time with one another. As with all our arms, tonal balance is neutral allowing it to work well in all types of systems.


Arm Tube is a high-grade aircraft alloy t0 reduce the effect of resonance. This has the enormous benefit of allowing your cartridge to function correctly without unwanted movements caused by resonance.

High Strength Rear-stub improves counterweight stability in vibration – thus enabling the arm tube to hold the cartridge more steadily.

Falling Weight Side Bias. Tests show this to be the highest performing method of achieving side bias. It has lower friction, better constant force and lower resonance than other alternatives such as magnets, springs, levers and twisted threads.

Internal Wiring is high-grade copper Litz wire, cryogenically frozen to reduce discontinuities in the conductors. This wire allows great transparency, detail and freedom from artefacts.

1m Upgrade External Cable (6mm diameter) Low resistance cable with high conductivity Gold Plated RCA plugs to fit directly into your phono-stage or amplifier.

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