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Origin Live Enterprise Tonearm Mk4

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Hearing an Enterprise is an unforgettable event. Breathtakingly realistic, it simply lets the music flow out to the listener in an unmediated way. Although it deserves the very best turntables and cartridges that money can buy, it unlocks huge performance gains from lesser ones and makes mediocre recordings positively sing. From its massively powerful and highly tuneful bass to a treble that is gorgeously silky yet amazingly spacious, it’s a sublime performer. The mineral clarity of the mid band is uncanny, and the sound staging profound. Prospective purchasers of a high-end tonearm owe it to themselves to audition this seminal design.


Sleeved Rear Stub with a larger diameter, higher strength and improved energy dissipation. This improves counterweight stability in vibration – thus enabling the arm tube to hold the cartridge more steadily.

Rigidly Attached Counterweight. The counterweight attachment has been carefully engineered to hold the armtube more rigidly for cartridge stability whilst at the same time decoupling itself to minimize energy reflection back down the tube. The results are clearly heard in improved dynamics and a sense of power and control in the bass

Counterweight Fine Adjuster allows you to easily set the tracking force with a high degree of accuracy. Headshell features improved de-coupling and lightweight finger-lift.

Headshell features improved de-coupling and lightweight finger-lift.

Precise & Accessible VTA Adjuster. VTA can be adjusted precisely and infinitely using a large diameter calibrated dial. A further advantage is that all adjustments can be carried out above the arm-board (unlike lower arms in the range which demand access below the arm-board).

Azimuth Adjustment

Falling Weight Side Bias. Tests show this to be the highest performing method of achieving side bias. It has lower friction, better constant force and lower resonance than other alternatives such as magnets, springs, levers and twisted threads.

Silver-plated Headshell Clips. At such low signal levels electrical interfaces can be heard and silver marginally outperforms gold.

External Cable is Silver Hybrid 1m Long. A groundbreaking design with high-grade single point RCA plugs fits directly into your phono-stage or amplifier. This cable outperforms most on the market up to, and over £4000. It is described fully in the cable section of the website but suffice to say that even alone, it has produced a level of improvement which has kept many a listener up into the late hours re-listening to their record collection.

Rhodium-plated Single Point RCA Plugs. After testing numerous high-end RCA plugs these were selected for their outstanding performance. Single point contact has the advantage of reducing eddy currents and Rhodium with it’s ultra-smooth surface seems to provide a better interface in electrical joints.

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