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Sorbothane® 40mm Isolation Spheres for Garrard 301 & Garrard 401 Plinths.

  • £35.00
  • Product Code: SMD_SOR1

Sorbothane® 40mm Isolation Spheres for Garrard 301 & Garrard 401 Plinths.

For those who have turntable plinths that use squash balls as decouplers you will know all too well the problems of this method, squash balls deform and sink over time and constantly need resetting to keep your turntable level, squash balls are designed to play squash and not support your turntable and have poor decoupling properties compared to Sorbothane®.

We can supply a set of four 40mm diameter Sorbothane® spheres to replace those squash balls and as far as we are aware SMD Acoustics are the only company manufacturing the 40mm spheres or hemispheres.

These are genuine Sorbothane® spheres manufactured in the UK exclusively for SMD Acoustics using their own bespoke tooling.

Sorbothane® provides a quick and extremely effective upgrade of audio equipment such as turntables by isolating those unwanted vibrations and associated microphonic feedback, see our other auction items for 40mm hemispheres which bring huge benefits to other equipment such as CD players and amplifiers.

These spheres are manufactured as hemispheres and bonded together in our jigs using a high strength flexible cyanoacrylate adhesive. The spheres are rated at a 70 shore hardness which will provide effective support of up to 13.2 kgs per sphere or a maximum of 52.8 kgs per set of 4. Expect a 25 to 30% deflection when statically loaded.

Material: Sorbothane®
Colour: Black
Qty: Set of 4
Shore Hardness: 70
Size: 40mm Diameter.

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