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Tannoy Stirling III LZ

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Tannoy Stirling III LZ

A New Legend is Born!

When the Beatles ”All you need is love” reached the UK Top 10 in 1967, Tannoy released the legendary III LZ (Monitor Red) With a 10” Dual concentric transducer that was specifically designed for small enclosures, providing the warmth and clarity of its bigger 12” and 15” counterparts.

More than just a tribute to the legendary III LZ first released in 1967, it offers a wide-frequency response and deep bass extension for natural imaging at high SPLs.

Years of acoustic excellence have led to this moment; you’ll hear every boom, breath and beat with a new level of clarity and depth.

Faithful to the Original

Every design element crucial to the STIRLING III LZ’s breathtaking dynamic range, clarity of sound and classic look has been faithfully preserved. This new version of the classic benefits greatly from the evolution of driver and electronic component technology. In keeping with the Tannoy mode of excellence, each STIRLING III LZ’s loudspeaker cabinets are completely handcrafted by our highly skilled team of artisans.

They are a match made in heaven if you listen to Orchestral Music, Rock, Pop, Blues or Soul. That said, they are perfectly capable of generating goosebumps when you listen to Jazz, R’n’B, Heavy Metal or anything in between.


Frequency response 1 29 Hz - 27 kHz (-6 dB)

Recommended amplifier power 20 - 250 W

Power handling (IEC) 125 W continuous, 500 W peak

Nominal dispersion 90 degrees conical

Sensitivity 2 93 dB (1 W @ 1 m)

Impedance 8 Ω

Minimum Impedance 5 Ω

Maximum SPL 2 114 dB continuous, 120 dB peak


Low frequency dual concentric 250 mm (10") with paper pulp cone with twin roll impregnated fabric surround, 52 mm (2") round wire voice coil

High frequency dual concentric 52 mm (2") aluminium/magnesium alloy dome with round wire voice coil and mylar surround

Product Features

Special Edition model, homage to the Legendary III LZ first released in 1967

2 way floorstanding loudspeaker for medium to large sized rooms

Dual Concentric driver technology provides class leading coherence and point source imaging

10" highly efficient driver with 93 dB/Watt sensitivity and 500 Watt peak power handling to deliver breath-taking dynamics and realism

Classic Pepperpot Waveguide and Alnico motor system to deliver a sweet, natural and inherently coherent sound.

Aluminium-magnesium alloy diaphragm and Mylar surround compression driver delivers exceptional clarity and articulation throughout the high frequency range

Sophisticated crossover network, featuring Tannoy customized capacitors, low loss laminated core inductors and thick film resistors, delivering a more natural and cohesive sound

Front mounted control panel, houses 2 band energy control with boost and attenuation compensation for room design and tailoring to personal preference

Tannoy customized bi-wire able binding posts to improve signal transmission and integrity

Fifth binding post provides grounding to reduce radio frequency interference and improves midrange clarity

Front firing Distributed Port system gives powerful and extended low frequency performance

Handcrafted oiled walnut veneered cabinet, utilising high density particle board. Which provides extreme rigidity, to control low frequency performance

Extensive bracing incorporating DMT (Differential Materials Technology) to couple drivers to cabinets

Precision machined, gold anodised aluminium Special Edition adjustment panel and metal trim complements the aesthetic of the real wood cabinet

Specially formulated Prestige wood wax provided to keep cabinet in pristine condition

Tannoy - Around 100 years of British sound heritage and innovation

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