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Ergo Amp 1.

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Headphone amplifier For dynamic and AMT headphones

Headphone amplifier ERGO AMP 1

The ERGO AMP 1 was developed for all dynamic headphones with a standard 6,3 mm plug. The power output of 3 W ensures a clean, uncoloured distortion free music re-production. In/out Cinch sockets are provided. The amplifier can be attached to CD, pre or integrated amplifiers, as long as these have a CINCH output.

In particular the ERGO AMP.1 was developed for the ERGO AMT headphone, which connects to the socket on the back of the amplifier.

The ERGO AMP 1 is supplied with an external power supply.


output: (rms. 4 Ohm)… 3. Watt

input sensitivity: 300 mV for 3. Watt

input impedance: 22Kohm

amplification: 20 dB

frequency: 20 - 20 kHz

output impedance: 2 - 600 Ohms

outputs 1 x 6.3 mm, 1 x ERGO AMT, 1 Cinch

size: W 200 x D 180 x H 70mm

weight (w/o adapter) 1.1 Kg.

voltage: 230 AC input / 16 VAC 0.5 Amp.

up to 12 months interest free credit

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