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Microgroove Plus X MKII

  • £1000.00
  • Product Code: TEMG+x

Microgroove Plus X MKII

Phono Preamplifier

Following the success of "The Groove" phono stage, it was realized that the price of the original placed this technology out of the reach of some listeners. Rather than compromise on components "The MicroGroove" utilises the same basic circuit topology as its predecessor, i.e. a low noise Class A front end device providing gain, feeding a passive equalisation circuit, followed by a phase error correction circuit with an active DC servo around the correction stage to roll off subsonics and DC offset. To reduce costs, both channels are built onto a single board powered by a single power supply. In "The MicroGroove+", the proprietary discreet Lithos regulator is included to greatly improve the quality, transient response time, and noise figures of the voltage rails supplying the whole board. This brings the benefit of CD-like dynamic range, neutrality, resolution and the ability to clearly define the edges of notes and the spaces between. This provides the listener with a far more accurate and dimensional representation of the original performance.

*Each MicroGroove and MicroGroove+ is hand built to your specification in Great Britain. All impedances and cartridge output voltages are available to order. The MicroGroove is upgradeable to MicroGroove+ specification, and loading and gain settings can be changed at the factory. Any phono section which features user adjustable gain or loading will suffer audible degradation of the performance, no matter how such changes may be implemented.

Note: Once ordered delivery will be approximately 3 weeks as unit is built to order.

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