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MasterGroove MKII

  • £11888.00
  • Product Code: TEMGR

MasterGroove MKII Phono Stage

The MasterGroove reference phono amp is a major leap in Evolution from Tom’s previous statement phono-stage, the G+SRX and in Tom’s own words, “The front end gain stages have 50% less noise and distortion and twice the dynamic range compared to the G+SRX, all signal path resistors are Vishay 0.1 % tol and 15ppm tempco.

Each stage of gain is powered by the latest Lithos 7.1 class a local voltage regulator, both left and right channel local voltage regulators are supplied by my higher powered Lithos 6.1 regulators, in all 14 pcb’s.

The Mastergroove will reveal the full dynamic envelope and micro dynamic information on every recording played though it, it will also extract the maximum information from any T/table arm and cartridge connected to it, if you think you know your record collection, think again" !!

We even went to the trouble of designing and winding ‘in house’ a new 200va low flux transformer with an electrostatic screened primary winding to dramatically reduce RF entering the power supply. Nine values per / ch of cartridge loading resistor settings are provided with dip switches on the rear panel. MM (and Decca ) versions can be built to order.

Note: Once ordered delivery will be approximately 3 weeks as unit is built to order.

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