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Reference Support Pillars Brass

  • £649.00
  • Product Code: SMD SP BRef

Brass Reference Support Pillars

SMD Acoustics Brass Reference Pillars

The Brass Reference Pillar can be purchased as an upgrade to the LE Pillars and benefits from higher quality materials and design. The pillars are machined from solid brass bar with Nylatron pads.

The Sorbothane® decoupling spheres (exclusive to SMD Acoustics) sit in a perfectly machined spherical cup to provide maximum support and stability. Brass has a higher mass and heat transfer coefficient than Nylatron as found in the LE Pillar or Stainless Steel in the Reference Pillar to support the Sorbothane®. Any mechanical energy (vibrations) in the top plate are dissipated through kinetic energy and heat, the brass pillars dissipates this tiny delta t far more effectively than Nylatron or stainless steel.

The engineering of the pillars is first class as can be seen in the pictures.

The Reference pillars are supplied with Sorbothane® decouplers.

Shipping usually within 7 - 10 working days



Material: Nylatron & Solid Brass

SMD plinths are made in England and endorsed and used by Ray Clark of Classic HiFi.

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