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David Loader's Turntable

David has been a good customer for some time now and over that time he has assembled a really fine turntable. He recently purchased a 12 inch Audio Origami tonearm to replace a Thomas Schick and this David hopes is the final upgrade to piece together his ideal turntable. His current front end comprises of:-

  • Classic Turntable Company Solid Chassis 301 with oversize PAC brass platter and uprated PAC bearing.
  • SMD Acoustics Type II Reference Plinth
  • 12 inch Audio Origami PU7
  • Koetsu Urushi Cartridge

And what does it sound like now its all assembled? Well the best person to tell us is David himself and here is his review:-

"I did a quick tweak of the cartridge alignment today (I lined it up with the Loefgren settings on the protractor supplied with the arm).  I've just finished listening to the first act of Das Rheingold (first opera in Wagner's Ring Cycle), I have the complete set of the Solti Ring that was issued in the early 70's just after Decca started using the Neumann cutting lathes and the sound on these is first rate.

The PU7 really is supremely musical, this was one of the Schick's strengths and if anything the PU7 ups the game further.  It also digs out more detail, there was an orchestral rhythm line which I'd not noticed before, plus it seems to have banished all mis-tracking completely.  Bass baritones always used to cause difficulties but these come through fine now.  I can hear it's 'controlling' the Koetsu better which I suspect is down to there being much less resonance and the fact it's managing the energy from the cartridge a lot better.

There's a line that Gustav Neidlinger as Alberich delivers towards the end of the first act of Rheingold - "so verfluch' ich die Liebe! (thus I curse love!)" and you really got the venom in his voice even though it was nearing end of side.

I don't think there's a lot more I can do to upgrade this deck now, I have the reference plinth, heavy platter, grease bearing, PU7 arm and Loricraft power supply.  Actually I can now consider the lid as the PU7 doesn't overhang the edges of the plinth like the Schick used to!"

I guess its fair to say David is pretty pleased with the results.

The gallery image shows David's turntable before the PU7 and uprated platter were added.

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