High Quality Audio Equipment

A Tower of Strength

Chris Lee is an unashamed Sugden fan. In fact Chris probably knows more about Sugdens history and products than many dealers and his passion for the Class A amplifier and his admiration of the engineering is infectious.

After several years the dream system is finally in place and as you can see in the photos it is a tour de force, the assembled tower of strength comprises of some of the very best components the Heckmondwike factory has to offer and Chris’s system also boasts some other rather tasty items and here is the full set up:-

•    Cartridge - Dynavector 17d3 Karat, (moving coil).
•    Tonearm - Rega RB1000 (OEM Moth version, rewired).
•    Deck - Michell Gyro SE with Michell Orbe Platter and Michell HR power supply.
•    Cd player - Sugden Masterclass PDT-4.
•    Tuner - Sugden Bijou FM Master.
•    Headphone Amp - Sugden Headmaster (Class A).
•    Phono Amp - Sugden Masterclass PA-4.
•    Pre Amp - Sugden Masterclass LA-4.
•    Power Amp Sugden SPA-4
•    Speakers - Proac D28 Floor standers with Townshend Maximum Super tweeters perched on top.

The Gyrodec and the CD player are sat on granite slabs. The speakers are on spikes with spike shoes, on granite slabs which are on brass screws (screwed into floorboards) with inverted spike shoes on top. Everything else is sat on an 'Optimum' Hi-fi rack with glass shelves (this is also sat on brass screws).

And we must not forget the all important wires and stuff - Interconnects - Kimber Select KS 1011 copper with RCA connection. Kimber 1026 copper/silver with XLR connections (for Cd player).

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