High Quality Audio Equipment

A Japanese Work of Art

In autumn 2011 we delivered a SMD Type II LE Plus complete with dustcover and hinges to Sy Chen a Jazz fan in Tokyo.

Sy Chen is the CEO and Founder of the CIA Inc. & Brand Architect Group a successful international organisation (www.cia-online.com) and has provided strategic planning, brand development and design services to major global brands such as Uniqlo, Gap and Nike.

As you would expect Sy had a very clear vision of what his turntable must look and sound like.

The plinth would be matched with a refurbished Garrard 301. We also provided a new M2 – 12R tonearm, this is the perfect accompaniment to a Garrard 301 it has the great retro looks of the old SME3012 but it benefits from better bearings giving it a sonic advantage.

There was only one cartridge as far as our customer was concerned, an Ortofon SPU, this was the choice for a Jazz fan but patience was the watchword for our customer who methodically hunted through the dealers in Japan until he found his ideal cartridge a vintage Ortofon SPU/GTE.

I am sure you will agree this really is a beautifully put together deck and looks so elegant it is simply gorgeous.

And how does it sound?

“Jazz sounds great with your SMD plinth & SME tone arm with the vintage SPU/GTE! Many Thanks.”

Sy's other equipment comprises of a refurbished McIntosh MA 6800 using Toa Phono Equalizer. Speakers are vintage Altec 620A with Electro Voice Tweeter ST350A & Horn System with Sentry IVA. Speaker cables are TMD Celefora & for the Tweeter Western Electric dead stock cables.

As sub woofer Sy uses an Audio Pro B2.27 MkII. CD player, Linn Unidisk II with TMD Elmitus cable.

For information TMD Celefora is Japanese hand made Audio RCA cable that is capable to reproduce strong bass and drum set sound with presence.

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