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Mika's 401 & Thorens TD124

Mika Anttonen is a loyal customer and has been with us for many years now, a real gentleman he lives in Imatra, Finland with his family . A vinyl enthusiast he owns several turntables including the Denon DP 75 and 57 L.

Mika added the SMD Type I LE Basic to house his Garrard 401, we also supplied Mika with a SME310 which is a 10” tonearm to compliment the SMD/Garrard.

Mika's other turntable is a Thorens TD124 in beautiful condition, we supplied Mika with his Ortofon AS-309S Pick Up Arm that he is using on this deck.

Other components in the current system include a Denon DL 103 cartridge, Clearaudio Nano Phono Stage, Luxman preamplifier and Rotel Power Amplifiers. Mika has a choice of speakers and uses either the Jamo D 830 or Genelec 1032 A

Some of Mika's comments:

“401 sound is perfect”

“Sound is very clear, smooth and deep. I am very pleased with the this combination”

“Garrard 401 plinth was so good and a great wonder topic Finland vinyl site (even though it was the cheapest model) this quality convinced me of your
professionalism. I am a very satisfied customer, the service is good and the price is right. My big dream is to buy a one day Classic Reference”

Peak HiFi have also supplied Mika with an Ortofon Vivo Red, and a dust cover/hinges for his SMD Plinth.

We always enjoy our dealings with Mika’sand hope to continue to support him in the future with his passion for music.

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