High Quality Audio Equipment

Upgrades in the Highlands

Over a number of years Mitch, a long standing customer of Peak HiFi has finally put together his dream system and here is what he has to say about us and his system:-

"I have been a Hi Fi enthusiast all my life, and over the past few years I have completely upgraded my system which has been a fairly major investment – one I could not afford to get wrong!  Fortunately Shaun Daniels of Peak Hi Fi has guided me through the process and, thanks to him I now have a system with which I am absolutely delighted.   Shaun’s honest, impartial, practical and extremely knowledgeable advice has been invaluable.  On more than one occasion he has talked me out of spending more than I needed to.  He is 100% reliable and I trust him implicitly.  Over the years I have dealt with more Hi Fi dealerships than I care to remember, but I can say with complete certainly that Peak Hi Fi is by far the best in every respect.  The after sales service deserves special mention: it is fantastic, which is so important when it comes to setting up systems like mine.  I can unhesitatingly recommend Shaun and Peak Hi Fi to anyone seeking to own the best Hi Fi components available.

My system currently includes:

- Garrard 401 turntable in a Peak Hi Fi plinth with Peak Hi Fi upgraded bearing.

- SME 301 12 inch arm with Ortofon Cadenza Black cartridge

- Linn LP12 turntable and SME arm upgraded by Peak Hi Fi

- Sugden Masterclass amplification Power, Pre and Phono Stage

- Martin Logan Montis speakers

- Tellurium Q Black cables

- Okki Nokki record cleaning machine

(All the above sourced by Peak Hi Fi)

- Marantz  K1 Pearl CD/SACD player"

Mitch has kindly offered to talk to anyone interested in similar equipment and needing a little advice from a customers perspective so if you want a chat with Mitch please drop us a line and we will put you in touch.

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