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Swedish 301

When Per Svensson from Sweden contacted us looking for a plinth for his Garrard 301 we discussed a number of options and Per decided to dip his toe in the water and try the entry level SMD Acoustics Type II Basic Plinth (painted finish now veneered). Per had one of the most collectable grease bearing 301’s in the silver hammer finish, lucky chap! Tonearm Ortofon 309 RMG and SPU cartridge, classic combination.

Per’s first impressions?

"My system is now up and playing and it sounds promising( very musical, no wow and flutter, no rumble!"

and what Per thought after a bit more listening:

I have now played a little bit more and I also had  6  HiFi friends on a surprise listening event here  yesterday including the owner and Chief Designer of Marten loudspeakers ( I have the Marten Coltranes )! They were shocked to say the least! I am also writing a report  on a Swedish HiFi Forum, www.hififorum.nu, called Vintage vinyl, and members are really excited.

I enclose a picture of my player ( with still a bit of dust from the drilling ):

It sounds so good that I will wait a little before I decide for the next step!

Thanks a lot! Your plinth works!"

What was the next step?

Well Per was so impressed he couldn’t resist the upgrade to the Reference Granite model and his comments on receipt of that model:

"Arm fits perfectly! Good! First listening extremely good, black background, lots of air around the instruments, body and really good soundstage, wide and deep! Need to work a little bit with adjusting the arm height!"

and after adjusting the arm height:-

"The fine tuning is done and its simply pure magic! A player from 54, a pickup from 59 and a tonearm from mid 60ies combined with Your excellent plinth! Unbelievable!

Thanks and best regards"

Pictures include the basic plinth and the Reference model.

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