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The Italian Job

We recently supplied a slate Reference plinth to Carlo from  Rome, Italy, Carlo had a really interesting pick up arm the Dynavector 507 MKII

Carlo was keen to get his plinth quickly, he ordered it on the 14th December and wanted delivery before Christmas, the problem was the arm board as we would have to have the armboard specially machined for the Dynavector and we could not get this done until after Christmas as the machine shop was closed for new orders until after the holidays. To get Carlo moving we cut a temporary MDF armboard as shown in the pictures until we could send the CNC machined aluminium board.

Carlo was delighted with the results and wrote:-

"I am very satisfied with your plinth, an exemplary building,

I'm not able to tell you the "sound" of it, because I've never had a Garrard before this (nor a plinth).

I've always liked this little record player, I waited years before deciding what I bought, the choice fell on the Classic HiFi.

How does it sound all?

Very well, as I expected.

Better than an EMT 930, much better. (But maybe it will be the arm that is significantly better than that of the EMT)"

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