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Esoteric Canadian Set Up

Denis Tancrede lives in Montreal Canada and has some really high end magical hifi equipment, just see what you can recognize in the photos.

Denis initially contacted our very good friend Ray Clark at The Classic Turntable Company and ordered one of Ray’s superb solid chassis 301 turntables. Ray put Denis in touch with us at Peak HiFi having recommended the SMD Acoustics plinth at the best way to hear a Garrard 301 or one of Ray’s solid chassis models.

Denis had decided on his tonearm an EMT997 12 inches and he wanted to know if the SMD Type II reference plinth could accommodate this large arm…..no problem.

So what did Denis think when he put the Solid 301 into the SMD plinth with the EMT?

“this is the best sounding combo ever heard. Been in lots of shops but none ever sounded so musical and not aggressive.

I listened to music till two am and it is a radical improvement over the Orbe which I am selling. Plus I was trying out a new spectral preamp- 30ss series 2- and the table made all the diff.! It sounds so melodic , big, detailed and with a stage imaging unreal!”

A little later in the year we supplied Denis with a stunning phono stage the Tom Evans The Groove + SRX Phono Preamplifier (SRP £4500!)

and on the Tom Evans Denis’s thoughts:-

"Just did my first listening and it is just short of magical!

A unique spatial experience and detailed clarity beyond belief, all in a natural pleasing musicality!!!!

Do not hesitate to recommend it to your customers."


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