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  • Product Code: ASU-100


Despite the advent of technologies like cd and computer music, derivatives of Thomas Edison’s humble analogue turntable have been going strong for well over a hundred years now. With many manufacturers recently seeing increased sales of their turntables and record sales of both new and used vinyl showing healthy increases, the turntable is as popular as ever.

However turntables can be tricky to set up and get the best sound from. One of the key elements to getting the best from your analogue equipment is to ensure it is on a sturdy base, protected from unwanted resonances, knocks and bangs. One of the best ways to do this is to use a wall mount, which will ensure it is isolated from all those clomping feet and wobbly floor boards.

Many wall mounts can be ugly looking bits of metal and glass which don’t show your pride and joy to its best. We at Audio Suspension believe a wall mount should be both functional and beautiful, which is why we designed the ASU-100 wall mount.

This unique wall mount is made of 20mm clear acrylic, which has great properties for audio equipment as it is extremely efficient at damping unwanted resonance and adding none of the ringing tone that glass can incur. The shelf is attached to the wall with 2 polished chrome shelf supports with silicone rubber to ensure damping at the wall. At the front 1.5mm steel wire cables secured by polished chrome pos-i-lock supports ensures the shelf is stable, level and able to hold large weights while creating a beautiful, contemporary look.

Of course you don’t have to use it for your turntable, it can be used to support all sorts of hi-fi equipment such as cd players and amplifiers. You can also have the shelf made in custom sizes and colours to match your needs. Please contact us for further information.



  • 20mm clear acrylic shelf
  • Adjustable Wire Wall Mounts for Easy Level Adjustment
  • Pos-i-lock Cable Supports
  • Polished Chrome Ancillaries
  • Supports up to 25kg (dependant on fixings)
  • Will suit hi-fi of around 470mm*420mm (dependant on shape, please enquire for further details)


Audio Suspension
Audio Suspension

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