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Out of Africa

Malcolm Littler is a British expatriate currently living in South Africa. Malcolm has assembled a superbly esoteric system comprising in the main of high end UK and USA components.

In 2011 Malcolm purchased a Classic Turntable Company Solid Chassis 301. The bearing is presently a Kokomo but will be replaced with the PAC (from Peak Hi-Fi) stainless oil bearing and the platter will be replaced with 7mm oversized PAC machined from solid aluminum unit. We also supplied the plinth which is the full SMD Type II Reference Plinth in black granite. The silver litz wired SME 312S arm is fitted with an Ortofon Cadenza Red cartridge which Malcolm rates very highly for rock music, the arm uses a Nordost Tyr arm cable.

The turntable is fed through an Audio Research PH8 phono stage to an Audio Research LS27 line stage preamplifier. Only the turntable uses single ended inputs. Fifty percent of listening is vinyl based.

The Linn CD12 player, although fully operational, is now used as a transport and feeds the Audio Research DAC8. Music is also wirelessly streamed from iPad into the DAC8 via an Apple TV using an optical link and works flawlessly. CD player, DAC line stage pre-amp, active speakers all use balanced connections. Twenty percent of listening is CD based and 30 percent is wirelessly streamed.

Stand mounted speakers are Linn Klimax 320As mounted on dedicated stands. The lower is beautifully handled by a JL Fathom f112 sub woofer. Malcolm tells us this is the only sub he has ever heard that is worthy of inclusion in 2 channel stereo Hi-Fi and he plans to add another f112.

Malcom describes the system's sound as having a very studio monitor type signature and others who have heard it have made similar comments. Malcom adds that the Garrard Turntable in the plinth with the 12 inch arm sounds fabulous and gets a lot of very favorable comments. Purists may not like the black 301 but personally I think it looks awesome.


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