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Ortofon OM1S

  • £30.00
  • Product Code: ORTOM1S

Ortofon HiFi OM 1S

OM Series

The OM 1S has been developed to give as many people as possible access to the superior audio reproduction Ortofon are recognised for worldwide.

Based upon the established OM 5E design the OM 1S is an Optimum Match (OM) cartridge, which means it integrates onto most tonearms effortlessly. Supplied with a high-performance Spherical stylus, the body can be upgraded with improved styli from the OM range - offering affordable and convenient upgrades for the future.

The Moving Magnet technology used for the generator system means most phono stages will easily work with the OM 1S.

With the OM 1S cartridge you can instantly hear the improvement over inferior designs, bringing whole new dimensions to your musical performance.


Key Features:

  • Introductory overhead mount cartridge
  • Optimised sound reproduction
  • Distortion-free playback
  • Spherical stylus profile
  • Easy tonearm matching

up to 12 months interest free credit

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