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David Emerton has a couple of "the absolute classic decks" a Garrard 301 and a Thorens TD124 MKII . David recently added one of our oversized platers to his recently restored 301.  The restoration has included a total repaint, new bearings, new idler wheel and all cadmium linkages/metalwork striped and zinc plated.

"The idea of the chromium plated handle was something I did actually copy from the BBC and used it on my original 301 53 years ago. I just like the imposing look it gives. The SME is also 50 years old and has been upgraded by me over the years."

And what about that really great looking Thorens?

"My Thorens 124 Mk11 I bought in the late sixties, already had the arm. I never put it in a plinth because in those days plinths were noise boxes – I learned that much from my old 301. Consequently, I made my own skeletal supports and that is the way it has remained for 45 years, but with an upgraded feet fitted at some time in the eighties, I think. In fact I had this idea long before skeletal TT became fashionable"

David was obviously a pioneer in his thinking all those years ago and enlightened enthusists and manufacturers now embrace the skeletal designs, just think of SME, Michell and our very own SMD Acoustics plinths

What else did you do to the TD124?

"I completely stripped the 124 and serviced the bearings and motor myself. I even worked out a method to precision grind the spare idler wheels I have and what a difference it made to the noise floor and overall sound. I ditch the top platter year ago because I thought it degraded the sound a little."

I am sure you will all agree David's turntables and system look stunning and without doubt it will sound just as impressive and we look forward to pictures of the finished 301 in its plinth.

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