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Audio Desk Systeme Vinyl Cleaner Pro

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Audio Desk Systeme Vinyl Cleaner Pro

This new "Pro" vinyl cleaning machine has new technology which makes it the most efficient and most effective LP cleaner on the market.

It uses ultrasonics to excite the cleaning liquid bath that loosens dirt in the grooves. In addition, microscopic bubbles are created at the groove surface that assist further in dislodging solid particles within the grooves.

This contactless method of cleaning removes more dirt than conventional suction methods which most other LP cleaners are based on.

Both sides are cleaned simultaneously. Completely automatic and simple to use. After a 5-6 minute cycle you have an ultra clean, dry LP.

Ultra clean LPs have a more correct tonal balance, reveal more detail and result in less stylus wear.

Superb results with both older, cherished LPs and with brand new audiophile pressings. High quality, reliable German engineering.


Vinyl Cleaner

Includes Cleaning Concentrate for 4.5 litre bath and 1 set of 4 Microfibre barrels. No water is included. 

The consumables and accessories listed below are also available from us:-

Cleaning Concentrate (dilute to 4.5 litres with distilled/demineralised water (change every 100 LPs).

Microfibre Cleaning Barrels (set of 4 change every 500 LPs).

Cleaning bath filter (change every 500 LPs).

Fan filters (set of 2 dependent on environment used change as required but recommended round 700-900 LPs)


What our customers say

It helps an LP become the vinyl it always wanted to be, it does that consistently, and I’d struggle to think how unresolving a system you’d need to throw together to not be able to hear the improvement on most records. I give it the strongest recommendation.

Alan Sircom, Hi-Fi+

It’s a revelation. Music has more body, more air, better bass, familiar records have subtle details I hadn’t heard before, lyrics are easier to follow. It’s as if I had installed a new phono stage or cartridge. It even cleans previously cleaned records and very well too and I say that as long term user of an alternative very good LP cleaning machine. I’m very happy with my purchase.

Mr N. McM, London


Just a note to say that the Cleaning Machine arrived safely this morning and from the few disks I have cleaned with it, I am pleased to say that the results are very impressive. I have a few disks that are around 50 years old that weren't really playable but after cleaning in the machine they are almost like new disks. Amazing!

Mr A K, Bromley


After many years of cleaning LPs with conventional disc washing machines the Audiodesksysteme Vinyl Cleaner is a huge improvement. A recent non-hifi visitor remarked that the record being played was "as quiet as a CD" - i.e. without the usual surface noise of pops and crackles. The improvements are across the whole frequency spectrum and the imaging has improved, too.

Mr I T, Devon


Note: Red finish is available to special order

Delivery: Typically 7 - 10 Days

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